User Agreement
Welcome to use BEEJOY services!
Before using the service, you should read and abide by the "BEEJOY User Service Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") and the "Privacy Policy Terms". Please be sure to carefully read and fully understand the contents of each clause, especially the clauses of exemption or limitation of liability, the clauses of jurisdiction and applicable law, and the separate agreement for opening or using a certain service. Restrictions and disclaimers may be bolded or underlined to remind you to pay attention.
When you fill in the information according to the registration page, read and agree to this agreement and complete all registration procedures, or when you actually use the service in other ways permitted by BEEJOY, it means You have fully read, understood and accepted the provisions of this agreement. At that time, you should not claim that this agreement is invalid or request to revoke this agreement on the grounds that you have not read the content of this agreement or have not received BEEJOY's answer to your inquiry.
If you are under the age of 18, please read this agreement accompanied by a legal guardian, and pay special attention to the terms of use for minors.
1. Contracting body
This agreement is between users who use BEEJOY services through BEEJOY mobile client software and other means BEEJOY co-concluded jointly.
Second, the content and effectiveness of the agreement
1. The content of this agreement includes the text of this agreement and all published or future possible Published privacy policies, policies, rules, statements, notices, warnings, reminders, instructions (hereinafter referred to as "rules"). The aforementioned rules are an integral part of this agreement and have the same legal effect as the text of the agreement.
2, BEEJOY has the right to formulate and modify this agreement and related rules from time to time as needed. Once the revised agreement and rules are announced, they will immediately replace the original agreement and rules and take effect auBEEJOYtically . If you do not agree to the relevant changes, you should immediately stop using BEEJOY services. If you continue to use BEEJOY services or conduct any website activities, it means that you have accepted the revised agreement and rules.
3. Service content
1. BEEJOY provides various forms of service software such as mobile client iOS version and Android version ( The details are subject to those provided by BEEJOY), BEEJOY will continue to enrich the terminals and forms you use this service, this agreement auBEEJOYtically applies to your use of all versions of software and services.
2. BEEJOY licenses you to use the BEEJOY software non-exclusively, and you can make a copy of the software for backup only. The backup copy must contain all copyright information contained in the original software. All other rights not expressly authorized by this article and other terms of this agreement are still reserved by BEEJOY, and you must obtain written permission from BEEJOY when exercising these rights. BEEJOY Failure to exercise any of the foregoing rights shall not constitute a waiver of such rights.
3. The content of this service includes but is not limited to supporting technical functions such as address book, conversation, message unread list, etc. These functional services may change according to user needs. The service version is different, or the unilateral judgment of the service provider is optimized or modified, or the provision is suspended due to regular or irregular maintenance.
4. At the same time, BEEJOY reserves the right to change, upgrade, modify, and transfer the service or any part of the service and its related functions and application software at any time. You agree that BEEJOY does not need to notify you of the above actions, and will not be liable to you or any third party.
4. Registration and account management
1. You confirm that after you complete the registration process or otherwise allow When actually using the service, you should be a natural person, legal person or other organization with full capacity for civil rights and capacity for the civil acts you are engaging in. If you do not possess the aforementioned subject qualifications, please do not use the service, otherwise you and your authorized attorney should bear all the consequences arising therefrom, and BEEJOY reserves the right to cancel (permanently freeze) your account and to pursue compensation from you and your authorized attorney.
2. When you register, you should submit identity and other relevant information that is true, accurate, complete and reflects the current situation. You understand and agree that you promise that the registered account name, profile picture and other information shall not contain illegal or harmful information, shall not impersonate others, shall not register for others without permission, and shall not register or set up BEEJOY accounts in ways that may cause other users to misunderstand, Do not use user names that may infringe on the rights and interests of others (including but not limited to suspected infringement of trademark rights and reputation rights, etc.), otherwise BEEJOY reserves the right not to register or stop the service and take back the BEEJOY account, and the losses arising therefrom shall be borne by you.
3. You can use the mobile phone number you provided or confirmed or other methods allowed by BEEJOY to register as an account, and promise to include the registered account name, avatar, profile and other information Illegal and harmful information shall not appear, registration by impersonating others, registration for others without permission, account registration in a manner that may cause other users to misunderstand, and registration with a user name that may infringe on the rights of others (including but not limited to suspected trademark rights, reputation rights infringements, etc.), otherwise BEEJOY has the right not to register or stop the service and take back the account, and the losses arising therefrom shall be borne by you.
4. You understand and agree that the ownership of the BEEJOY registered account belongs to BEEJOY. After the registration is completed, you only get the right to use the account. The right to use the BEEJOY account belongs only to the initial applicant registrant, and shall not be transferred or provided to others in any way, otherwise, BEEJOY has the right to withdraw the account immediately without notice, and all resulting losses arising from your use of this service You shall be solely responsible for any loss of data, information, etc. that are emptied or lost.
5. After you successfully register, BEEJOY will confirm your identity according to your account number and password. You should keep your terminal, account and password safe, and be responsible for all activities using the account and password (including but not limited to online clicks to agree or submit various rules and agreements or purchase services, share information or pictures, initiate voice calls) phone calls, etc.) take full responsibility. You promise to notify BEEJOY immediately when your password or account is used without authorization, or any other security issues occur, and you agree and confirm that BEEJOY will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from the above situations . Unless required by law or judicial ruling, and with the consent of world farm, otherwise, your account or password may not be transferred, gifted or inherited in any way (except property rights and interests related to the account).
V. Service Usage Specifications
1. Users fully understand and agree that BEEJOY only provides users with a service platform, and you You should be responsible for all actions and results of using the service. Correspondingly, you should understand that the use of BEEJOY services may result in the risk of illegal or improper behavior (or information) from others, and you should judge and act on your own, and bear the corresponding risks by yourself.
2. You shall bear the expenses incurred by using the service by yourself, including but not limited to Internet traffic charges, communication service charges, etc.
3. Unless otherwise specified, the services under this agreement can only be used for non-commercial purposes. You undertake not to reproduce, copy, sell, resell or use any part of the Service or the use or acquisition of the Service, including but not limited to advertising and any other commercial purposes.
4. You promise not to use this service for any illegal or inappropriate activities, including but not limited to the following:
  4.1 Upload, transmit or Share information that contains one of the following:
    (a) opposing the basic principles established by the Constitution;
    (b) endangering national security, Leaking state secrets, subverting state power, undermining national unity;
    (c) damaging national honor and interests; Hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;
    (e) undermining national religious policy, promoting heresy and feudal superstition;
    (f) Spreading rumors, disrupting social order, and undermining social stability;
    (g) spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, or abetting crimes;
     (h) Insulting or slandering others, violating the legal rights of others;
    (i) Containing false, deceitful, harmful, threatening, infringing on others' privacy, harassment, infringement, slander , vulgar, obscene, or other morally objectionable content;
    (j) Contains content restricted or prohibited by local laws, regulations, rules, ordinances and any norms with legal force Other content;
  4.2 Impersonating any person or organization, or falsely stating or falsely claiming to be related to any person or organization;
  4.3 Forging titles or otherwise Manipulate identifying information to make people mistakenly believe that the content was transmitted by BEEJOY or its affiliated companies;
  4.4 Will rely on any legal or contractual or statutory relationship (such as due to employment relationships and confidentiality agreements learned or disclosed)
  4.5 Will be suspected of violating the rights of others (including but not limited to copyrights, patents, trademarks, commercial
  4.6 Track or harass others in other ways, or send a large amount of information to friends or other users through this service;
  4.7 Upload, transmit or share any advertising, promotional information, promotional materials, "spam", "spam", "chain letters", "direct marketing" or any other form of solicitation; dedicated areas for the foregoing purposes or special functions;
  4.8 Since this service is not designed for some specific purposes, you may not use this service for important fields including but not limited to nuclear facilities, military use, medical facilities, transportation and communication . BEEJOY will not be liable for any casualties, property damage, or environmental damage caused by the failure of the above operations due to software or services; or external information communication, communication and other purposes;
  4.10 For purposes beyond normal internal or external information communication and communication between friends or users (including but not limited toFor the purpose of sending advertisements, spam, harassment, or violations of laws and regulations), by adding yourself or inducing others to add, you can form friendships with other users (friendships include but are not limited to one-way friendships and two-way friendships) , the same below); send a large amount of information to friends or other users through this service;
  4.11 Acts that violate laws and regulations, national interests, legitimate interests of citizens, public order, social morality, and information authenticity;
  4.12 Engage in any behavior that violates local laws, regulations, rules, policies and normative documents.
5. You promise not to engage in the following behaviors with respect to the software and services:
  5.1 Interfering with, destroying or restricting any computer software, hardware or communication equipment function of software viruses or other computer codes, files and programs by uploading, posting, emailing or otherwise transmitting;
  5.2 Interfering with or destroying the Service or any link connected to the Service; server and network, or violate any regulations, procedures, policies or norms about the connection network of this service;
  5.3 By modifying or forging the instructions and data in the running of the software, adding, deleting or changing the software Functions or operating effects, or operating or disseminating software and methods used for the above purposes to the public, regardless of whether these acts are for commercial purposes; , plug-ins, systems, logging in or using software and services, or making, publishing, and disseminating the above tools;
  5.5 Interfering with the software and its components, modules, data, etc. by itself, authorizing others, or using third-party software .
6. You promise that you will strictly abide by this agreement (including the rules described in Article 1 of this agreement) when using BEEJOY services.
7. You agree and accept that BEEJOY does not need to constantly monitor the materials and information you upload, transmit or share, but BEEJOY has the right to review and supervise your use of services And take corresponding actions, including but not limited to deleting information, suspending or terminating services, and reporting to relevant authorities.
8. You promise not to use this service in any form to infringe on the commercial interests of BEEJOY, or to engage in any behavior that may cause damage to or detriment to BEEJOY.
9. You understand and agree that during the provision of BEEJOY services, BEEJOY and its affiliates or their authorized units and individuals have the right to place various commercial advertisements or At the same time, you agree to accept the above advertisements or promotional information sent to you by email or other means.
10. You fully understand and agree that you must be responsible for all actions under your registered account, including any content you publish and any consequences arising therefrom. You should make your own judgment on the content you come into contact with when using this service, and bear all risks arising from the use of the content, including risks arising from reliance on the correctness, completeness or practicality of the content. BEEJOY cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by you due to the aforementioned risks.
11. If BEEJOY discovers or receives reports from others that you have violated this agreement, BEEJOY has the right to delete or block the relevant content at any time without notice, and take measures including However, it is not limited to taking back account numbers, restricting, suspending, and terminating your use of part or all of this service, and pursuing legal responsibilities.
6. Service fees
1. Any free trial or free functions and services of this service shall not be considered as BEEJOY Waiver of right to follow-up charges.
2. You should pay the Internet access fees that may be incurred by using this service, as well as communication fees and information fees charged by other third parties.
7. Special authorization
1. When you make any form of commitment to BEEJOY affiliated companies, and the related company has If you confirm that you have violated the commitment, BEEJOY has the right to immediately take restrictive measures on your account in the manner agreed in your commitment, including but not limited to suspending or terminating the service provided to you, and publicizing your breach of contract confirmed by the relevant company. You understand and agree that BEEJOY does not need to check the facts with you for the relevant confirmation, or obtain your consent separately, and BEEJOY does not need to bear any responsibility to you for this restrictive measure or publicity.
2. Once you violate this agreement or other agreements signed with BEEJOY, BEEJOY has the right to notify BEEJOY affiliates in any way and ask them to take action against your rights and interests. Restrictive measures, including but not limited to requiring BEEJOY affiliates to suspend or terminate some or all of the services provided to you, and publicize your breach of contract on any website operated or actually controlled by them.
8. Third-party applications
1. BEEJOY allows third-party applications to access the service platform. You can directly Obtain third-party application services including but not limited to OA software. You understand and agree that BEEJOY is only a platform provider, and the relevant application is independently provided by the third party, and BEEJOY shall not bear any responsibility for your use of the application.
2. You understand and agree that if BEEJOY adjusts, suspends or terminates the service or its parts, which affects third-party application services, BEEJOY will not bear any responsibility.
3. When you use BEEJOY through a third-party application or service, BEEJOY may call a third-party system or support your use or access through a third party, and the results of your use or access provided by that third party.
9. Service suspension or termination
1. You agree that, in view of the particularity of Internet services, BEEJOY has the right to Suspend, terminate or cause suspension to terminate the Service or any part thereof; BEEJOY will not be required to give you notice of any suspension or termination of the Free Service.
2. You understand and agree that BEEJOY has the right to independently decide on business strategies. In the event of a merger, division, acquisition, or asset transfer of BEEJOY, BEEJOY may transfer the relevant assets under this service to a third party; BEEJOY may also transfer some or all of the services under this agreement to a third party for operation or performance after unilaterally notifying you. The specific transferee is subject to the BEEJOY notice.
3. In case of any of the following violations, BEEJOY may immediately suspend or terminate the service to the user and require the user to compensate for the loss:
  3.1 User violation The registration obligation of Article 4;
  3.2 The user violates relevant laws and regulations or the agreement of this agreement;
  3.3 According to the law or the requirements of the competent department;
   3.4 For security reasons or other necessary situations.
10. Privacy Policy
1. The account you registered with BEEJOY services has a password protection function to ensure your basic For the safety of information and materials, please keep your account and password information properly.
2. BEEJOY strives to take various reasonable physical, electronic and management security measures to protect your information, so that your information and communication content stored in BEEJOY will not Leaked, damaged or lost, including but not limited to SSL, information encrypted storage, data center access control. BEEJOY Strict management has also been adopted for employees or outsourced personnel who may have access to information, including but not limited to adopting different authority controls according to different positions, signing confidentiality agreements with them, and monitoring their operations. BEEJOY will provide corresponding security measures according to the existing technology to protect your information and provide reasonable security protection. BEEJOY will try its best to prevent your information from being leaked, damaged or lost at any time, but at the same time, please pay attention to your information. There are no absolutely perfect security measures on the Internet, please keep relevant information properly.
3, BEEJOY has the right to determine the maximum storage period of your data in the software and services, the maximum storage space of the data in the server, etc. according to the actual situation, and you should keep them safe Terminals, account numbers and passwords, and keep relevant information and content properly. BEEJOY is not responsible for data loss or theft caused by your own reasons, as well as deletion or storage failure of relevant data in the software and services.
4. For other privacy terms, see "BEEJOY Service Privacy Policy".
11. Intellectual property rights
1. You understand and agree that, unless otherwise stated by BEEJOY, the services under this agreement All intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, and rights, patent rights, trade secrets, etc.) and related rights are owned by BEEJOY or its affiliated companies.
2. You should guarantee that unless you obtain written authorization from BEEJOY, you shall not (and shall not allow any third party) implement the above rights, including but not limited to renting, lending, selling , Distribute, copy, modify, reproduce, assemble, publish, publish, reverse engineer, reverse assemble, reverse compile, or otherwise discover the source code, etc.
3. The Logo, "BEEJOY", and other text, graphics and their composition involved in BEEJOY services, as well as other logos, product and service names of BEEJOY are BEEJOY and its affiliated companies For trademarks in local and other countries, users shall not display, use or otherwise process in any way without written authorization from BEEJOY, nor shall they indicate to others that you have the right to display, use, or otherwise process.
4. You understand and agree to authorize BEEJOY to use your name, trademark, and logo in publicity and promotion, but only to customers or partners who indicate that you belong to BEEJOY.
XII. Limited liability
1. The service will be provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis . BEEJOY hereby expressly disclaims any express or implied guarantees for the service, including but not limited to the applicability of the service, no errors or omissions, continuity, accuracy, reliability, suitability for a specific purpose, etc. , a statement or promise.
2, BEEJOY makes no promises about the validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, completeness and timeliness of the technology and information involved in the service and ensure.
3. In any case, BEEJOY shall not be liable for Internet connection failures, computer, communication or other system failures, power failures, strikes, labor disputes, riots, Responsibility for failure or delay of service caused by uprising, riot, lack of productivity or means of production, fire, flood, storm, explosion, force majeure, war, government action, international or domestic court order or omission of a third party.
4. Regardless of whether it is foreseeable or not, no matter what form of behavior it originates from, BEEJOY shall not be liable for any special, direct, indirect, or punitive damages caused by the following reasons: , sudden or consequential damages or any other damages (including but not limited to loss of profits or interest, business interruption, loss of data).
  4.1 Use or inability to use the service;
  4.2 Purchase or obtain any product, sample, data, information or conduct transactions through the service, or other acts that can replace the above-mentioned acts
  4.3 Unauthorized access to or modification of data or transmission of data;
  4.4 Representations or conduct of third parties through the Services;
   4.5 Others and servicesRelated events, including negligence, etc., caused damage.
5. You fully understand and agree that, in view of the particularity of the Internet system and environment, the information and personal data you share in the service may be copied, reproduced, Unauthorized modification or other illegal purposes; you are fully aware of the existence of such risks, and confirm that such risks should be entirely borne by you, and BEEJOY does not assume any responsibility for this.
6. You understand and agree that there may be threatening, defamatory, offensive or illegal content or The risk of behavior or infringement of the rights of others (including intellectual property rights) and anonymous or impersonated information, based on the service usage specification, such risks should be borne by you, and BEEJOY does not assume any responsibility for this.
Thirteen. Liability for breach of contract and compensation
1. If BEEJOY discovers or receives reports from others that you have violated this agreement As agreed, BEEJOY has the right to delete and block relevant content at any time without notice, and take measures including but not limited to restricting, suspending, and terminating your use of BEEJOY account and services, restricting, suspending, and terminating your use of part or all of this service (including But not limited to deletion of address book, restrictions on adding members, restrictions on sending messages or adding friends, etc.), pursuing legal responsibilities and other measures.
2. You agree that any derivatives or You agree to compensate in full (including but not limited to reasonable attorney's fees) for any claim or request made by any third party against BEEJOY and its affiliates, or for any losses incurred by BEEJOY and its affiliates.
Fourteen, effective notice
1. Any notice sent to you by BEEJOY can be published by email or page Regional announcements, personal network area reminders, mobile phone text messages or regular letters, etc., and such notifications shall be deemed to have been delivered to the user or become effective from the date of sending.
2. You agree that any notice you send to BEEJOY shall be sent to the e-mail, mailing address, or fax that BEEJOY officially announces or informs users in the manner described in Article 12.1. Number and other contact information, or use other notification methods approved by BEEJOY to deliver.
15. Dispute resolution and others
1. Interpretation and application of this agreement, as well as matters related to this agreement Disputes shall be handled in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China.
2. If any clause of this agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the above clause can be separated, and the rest will still have legal effect.
3, BEEJOY If the user waives the rights stipulated in this agreement when the user is negligent or breaches the contract, it shall not be deemed to waive the user's other or future similar negligence or breach of contract.
4. This agreement shall supersede all previous oral and written agreements, arrangements, understandings and communications between the parties on any matter of this agreement.
5, BEEJOY has the right to transfer all rights and obligations under this agreement to its affiliated companies according to business adjustments, and the transfer will be notified in the manner stipulated in this agreement. The user undertakes not to object to this.
Sixteen, others
If you have any comments or suggestions on this agreement or this service, you can contact BEEJOY customer service, BEEJOY will give you the necessary help.