Privacy and Policy
About sharing data
We will never ever share your data with anyone.
About storing data
All the data will be in high encryption, no one can access to the users’ data no matter he is a local engineer or physical information intruder.
About private chat
All the private conversational information and voice calls will use the end-to-end encryption, meaning all the data will be known exclusively to you and your conversational friends. So for us or anyone, if not directly get access to your device, will never acquire the content of these information. Also, we will never save any of your private chatting history into our server or in any journal, therefore there is not any possibilities for us to know who and when you send messages in the private chat.
About files in private chat
When you send photos, videos, or files through BEEJOY, each project will be encrypted with a single key that is confidential to the server before sending it, and the key will be sent to your chatting friend who can download and decrypt the file. Technically speaking, the file will be on one server of BEEJOY, which looks like a random and not deciphered rubbish. So except you and your friends, we don't know what this random data stands for or what specific chatting file it belongs to.
Before sychonizing your contacts, we will ask for your permission and will never save any of your contacts’ data.
Deleting information
All your deleted content will be permanently deleted.
For more information, please check Users Agreement